David Crowley Debate Preview – Greg Fernandez Jr vs. Judy Prochnow

March 23rd, 2017 Debate - March 24th, 2017. 6 pm, pacific-time. Live on the Spitfire Sentinel YouTube Channel. It was simply time to see if this person posting and commenting as Judy Prochnow was in fact the same person who lived next-door to David Crowley at the end of his life. Judy and I exchanged… Continue reading David Crowley Debate Preview – Greg Fernandez Jr vs. Judy Prochnow


Bohemian Grove 1936 – Walt Disney

Walt Disney Walt Disney attended Bohemian Grove in 1936. On page 136 of his book, Walt Disney: An American Original, Bob Thomas mentioned what happened during Disney’s visit. “In 1936 he was invited to the annual encampment of the Bohemian Club,” wrote Bob Thomas, “a San Francisco organization of artists and civic figures. The ritual… Continue reading Bohemian Grove 1936 – Walt Disney

Gray Stage – 21 Questions for Detective Gummert

by Greg Fernandez Jr. Today Apple Valley Police Department Detective Sergeant Jim Gummert sent me an email response to 21 questions related to the alleged double-murder suicide committed by David Crowley. The full transcript of my questions and the response is written below. Sent by Greg Fernandez Jr. -3/16/2016 (8:35:42 p.m.) Returned by Detective Gummert… Continue reading Gray Stage – 21 Questions for Detective Gummert

David Crowley’s Interview with Michael W. Dean (2012)

“A lot of people say that Gray State is just fear porn and they’re not going to support it and its fear-mongering and stuff like that. Just because Gray State is scary doesn’t make it fear porn.” – David Crowley (9/15/12) After the release of the Gray State movie trailer, David Crowley was interviewed by… Continue reading David Crowley’s Interview with Michael W. Dean (2012)

War Is A Whore – Greg Fernandez Jr. (feat. Eric Golub)

Featuring Eric Golub Song produced by Dublin Beats. Music produced by E-Motion-L Productions. Recorded at OHM Studio. Engineered by Dublin Beats. Download War Is A Whore (feat. Eric Golub) by Greg Fernandez Jr. Bandcamp - CD Baby - iTunes Artwork by Derek Sharp Lyrics: WE DON’T NEED ANY WARS EVERY WAR IS A WHORE EVERY… Continue reading War Is A Whore – Greg Fernandez Jr. (feat. Eric Golub)

A Gray Shame – David Crowley’s Last Days

“Even though you may be killed resisting, the act of resistance on a metaphysical level has value.” – David CrowleyIn a YouTube interview by Sean Wright, David Crowley commented on Danny August Mason’s impartial approach of searching for the truth, “Like Danny said, that was the best thing he did, was taking that impartial approach… Continue reading A Gray Shame – David Crowley’s Last Days

Chasing Osama: Serve No Evil

"Chasing Osama" is a portion of the "September 11th, 2001" chapter of my next book, Serve No Evil. CHASING OSAMA On March 15th, 2001 Jane’s Defense News reported that the United States planned on invading Afghanistan later that year. Then in June of 2001, our own government told India that an invasion of Afghanistan was… Continue reading Chasing Osama: Serve No Evil