Mitch Heil: The Gray Stage #9

On September 26th, 2017, Mitch Heil returned to the Dutch and Royce show to share his thoughts on Erik Nelson’s A Gray State, a documentary film alleging David Crowley murdered his wife and child before taking his own life. Heil was seated in the front row during the film’s pre-release screening at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 21st, 2017.

“It’s really strange watching a documentary about your best friend who basically went nuts,” Mitch explained to Dutch and Royce, “and it’s like you’re watching the slow collapse of somebody, like progressing.”

Just like the Apple Valley Police Department and Erik Nelson’s movie, Mitch did not provide any evidence to prove David was guilty, but seemed to accept the official theory soon after the alleged double-murder suicide happened at 1051 Ramsdell Drive. Mitch stated that David “recorded everything,” which made me wonder how much video footage the Apple Valley Police Department went through, and why they were unable to find any evidence to prove David Crowley was guilty in all the terabytes of video found.

Of course, there have been reports that police did not access the terabytes of video, but I find that highly unlikely. Perhaps the police officers of Apple Valley did not go through the videos, but someone in an authority role should have before assuming what happened at the Crowley house sometime between December 25th, 2014 and January 17th, 2015. Without a motive, and without providing evidence to the public, the Apple Valley Police Department accused David of being guilty almost immediately, and then quietly closed the case one year after the alleged double-murder suicide.

David “meticulously kept journals of everything for the longest time,” Mitch continued. Heil also discussed the concept of Gray State, “It’s basically a jizz-fest of all conspiracy theories mixed into one.”

Joking about the murders right after they happened was just how Mitch dealt with his friend’s tragedy. It’s normal for him, “That’s just how I cope with things.”

Mitch then clarified his role in making the Gray State movie trailer, “It was just three of us. It was me and David and this other guy Danny. I did camera, I did props, I did make-up, I did lighting, I did producing things, I did set design…basically anything…other than being the director are things that I had a hand in at one point or another.”

David’s family gave Erik Nelson all of David’s private home videos because, according to Mitch, “First of all, what are they gonna do with it? And then second is, I guess, it’s kind of a way to humanize him, or just not say he was a monster.” I’m not sure why anyone would attempt to humanize someone who they believed murdered his five-year-old daughter, but maybe that’s just me.

Mitch ended his relationship with the Gray State project when ‘it was no longer financially viable to stay involved, and by that I mean I was like two months away from being homeless.”

David was focused on the Gray State franchise and there were no outside projects to bring in any revenue. Another reason Mitch left the project was because he told David “conspiracy theories are fuckin’ stupid. I don’t mesh this whole movie so I can’t do it anymore.”

Mitch also pointed out that it was normal for David to disappear while writing for weeks at a time. I think that is a very important point, regardless of where you stand on the allegations against Crowley.


Then I believe Mitch lied about Dan Hennen and me. Dan and I were both interviewed for Erik Nelson’s slopumentary on June 4th, 2016, prior to conducting one of our YouTube discussions on the allegations against David Crowley. I had high hopes for Nelson’s documentary in the beginning. I’ll reserve my final judgment until I see the documentary myself, but based on what I have heard so far, those hopes will fade in time.

Mitch stated that Erik Nelson’s film had “two hardcore conspiracy theorists who still think that [David] was killed by the government in [the documentary] and they were doing a Skype session back and forth. And all the filmmaker did was let them talk to each other over Skype and show how fuckin’ stupid they are. He didn’t even have to say anything to them. It was pretty funny.”

What I find funny is how Mitch lied about us. Calling someone a hardcore conspiracy theorist is often used to deflect from a real conversation and avoid the real issues. In my opinion, Mitch lied when he stated Dan and I think that the government killed David. We don’t have an answer as to what really happened, and I don’t see any facts that prove David was killed by the government. I see lots of speculation about that possibility, but I also see lots of speculation about David’s guilt. We should always go where the evidence leads us. One would have to be stupid not to realize that by now. Mitch, a little research goes a long way and I will debate you on this case whenever you are ready. Just make sure you bring some facts.

Spoiler alert about Erik Nelson’s film: You won’t see any facts given by police to prove David Crowley is guilty. Why? Because of the lack of evidence police found to prove their theory. It’s that simple. All you are given is more speculation to support a weak theory.

Mitch also lied when he stated that “all the filmmaker did was let them talk to each other over Skype and show how fuckin’ stupid they are.” One hour before the Google Hangouts/YouTube session (not Skype) between Dan and myself began, we were both separately interviewed by separate film crews, one of which Erik Nelson was present for.

Erik Nelson spent close to an hour asking Dan Hennen questions about the alleged double-murder suicide, and at a family location, Robert Erickson interviewed me in California. So before everyone go to see how stupid Dan and I were live on YouTube, Erik Nelson was inside Dan’s home asking him questions.

Also, if the intent was to show how stupid Dan and I were, why didn’t Erik include more of the conversation in his documentary? Perhaps Erik Nelson avoided our input because it would raise more questions about the official theory? I hope not, because that is what I thought his documentary was going to do – show the people the evidence to prove David was guilty and let the people decide.

Instead I think the movie will veer away from the real issues and focus elsewhere. Several people told us once we see the movie, we will have a different perspective of David’s final days. Perhaps we will. But if the movie cannot prove David is guilty, then the movie is a waste of time.

I wonder if Mitch Heil is avoiding the facts, or lack thereof, that supposedly prove David is guilty. What would one have to see to be convinced their best friend was guilty of a double-murder suicide?

Mitch, what convinced you David was guilty? You once stated the Gray State “killed” your best friend. Is there any chance you will be part of the Gray State team moving forward with David’s fictional movie? If making Gray State sent David to a “dark place,” as AVPD Chief Jon Rechtzigel told Tom Lyden, then perhaps no one should move forward with the project?

Mitch felt the documentary was “done as respectfully as it could be done,” adding he didn’t feel anything was taken out of context. We’ll see about that. Is it respectful to accuse David Crowley of a crime without addressing the facts, or lack thereof?

When it came to David meeting with Hollywood executives, Mitch explained that David was concerned about losing certain rights to the Gray State franchise. We know Danny August Mason was not willing to give up his rights to the project. We see that now as Danny Mason tries to move forward with the fictional Gray State film.

The only other interesting thing Heil was asked about was the alleged “pact theory,” and I felt Mitch chose his words carefully. He  was unsure of how much Komel believed the conspiracy theories David believed in. Overall, it’s an interesting thirty minutes provided by Mitch Heil that is worth listening to.

After listening to Mitch Heil’s conversation I felt that he was building a movie while David Crowley was building a franchise.

The next article will focus on Chris Peck being part of the film crew at Dan Hennen’s house and the disgusting behavior and disrespect shown that day. Someone took a shit in the upper part of Dan’s toilet.

Here is the conversation Dan and I had about Mitch Heil and Chris Peck:

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