Latest Crime Scene Photos: The Gray Stage #6

Read 485 pages of official investigative documents and view the 600+ BCA crime scene images.

On January 17th, 2015, David Crowley was accused of murdering his wife and daughter before killing himself. The theory of a double-murder suicide was being shoved down our throats from the very beginning of the investigation. The Gray State team began demanding admin access to both the Justice for David Crowley & family Facebook group as well as the Justice for David Crowley of Gray State Facebook page. Questions about the official theory were quickly frowned upon by the Gray State team, and they did their best to control the narrative; the official narrative that David Crowley was guilty. This seemed odd to me. How could this group of people keep such an open-mind about government corruption but not about the accusations against their close friend?

So I sought out answers to see why they believed David was guilty. In those first days after the deaths of the Crowley family, there were many videos speculating that David Crowley was murdered by the government. I felt some people in the videos raised many good questions, but those questions did not lead me to conclude that David was taken out by our government. The media gave us two choices, either David was guilty or the government killed him. Obviously, I assumed the truth was somewhere in between. We could speculate all day, or we could look at the evidence and see where it leads us. I was and am still open to the possibility that David is guilty. I am also open to the possibility that David is not guilty. The media moved on to other stories and forgot about this case. I did not. Others did not. We actually wanted answers, not just speculation. Why would I believe David was guilty without evidence?

Regardless of my view of Gray State. After all, I had a bias of my own, a bias those who interviewed m ALWAYS failed to mention. I did not support Gray State. I saw it as fear porn. I still do. I was listening to when Alex Jones told David Crowley and Danny Mason they didn’t need a big Hollywood budget to make their movie. The trailer proved that. The production quality amazing, but I felt the story was lacking what I was looking for in a movie that would tackle the real enemy we face. While being interviewed for the documentary, The Gray State, the director asked me the same question I ask myself all the time, “Why am I still researching this?” The short answer is because I have not been given the answers I seek. The longer answer is that I go where God leads me. What you are about to see might be very disturbing. I give my commentary on some of the new images recently released. There are many more to come.

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