David Crowley Debate Preview – Greg Fernandez Jr vs. Judy Prochnow

March 23rd, 2017

Debate – March 24th, 2017. 6 pm, pacific-time. Live on the Spitfire Sentinel YouTube Channel.

It was simply time to see if this person posting and commenting as Judy Prochnow was in fact the same person who lived next-door to David Crowley at the end of his life. Judy and I exchanged several emails in hopes of finding a date and time to have a recorded conversation about the alleged double murder-suicide. It seemed like the conversation was really going to happen.

As I was being interviewed for the upcoming documentary film The Gray State on June 4th, 2016, Judy sent me another email, “I see, that true to form, you have chickened out about the phone call. I have read your comments on your slander page and continue to be astonished how you pretend to call yourself a Christian when you are actually a closed minded creep who spends his free time slandering innocent people. Yours and Dan’s day will come.”

Where did that come from? I asked myself. Did she just threaten me?

In late February of 2017, I decided I would call this person out. Have you ever called out a schoolyard bully? That was my intention if I replaced a schoolyard bully with a keyboard warrior. Be there on March 24th, 2017, at 6 pm pacific time and debate me once and for all. Judy was given three weeks to prepare for the debate. It was supposed to be a conversation. The idea of a conversation ended with her allegations and assumptions about me.

It was time to see if Judy was sincere in wanting to help us understand why David Crowley was guilty. Was this really Judy Prochnow? There was only one way to find out. I set a date and time. No negotiations, no pre-planning, no notification. All Judy was given was a choice to either debate her claims about David Crowley on March 24th, 2017, or to explain why she couldn’t make the debate.

Forget all the Facebook drama involving multiple Facebook profiles with the name Judy Prochnow. Forget the distractions and accusations presented from her multiple profiles. It was time for the charade to end. The email exchange that began on May 10th, 2016 needed to come to an end. I called out the cyberbully. I set a date and time. Now the ball was in her court. I could think of no one better to moderate this debate than Eric “Spitfire” Wilkinson. Eric, Judy and myself are all Christians. We will see how this all unfolds.

Judy, the choice is yours. Keep flapping your fingers on a keyboard to no end, or on March 24th, 2017, debate me once and for all. After that, we will go our separate ways. I feel you have contributed very little to both the Justice for David Crowley & family Facebook group and the Justice for David Crowley of Gray State page. I also feel that most of your contributions were not done out of love, but only Christ knows for sure. That feeling became clear to me after the following email exchanges happened…

A year after her first post in the Justice for David Crowley & family Facebook group, Judy Prochnow agreed to discuss the David Crowley case with me. I had challenged anyone who believed David was guilty to debate me in a live broadcast. Judy contacted me stating interest in her and Collin having a recorded conversation with me. There would be no editing of the recording, as both she and I wanted to make the full contents of the conversation available to the public.

On May 10th, 2016, someone claiming to be Judy Prochnow, neighbor of the deceased David Crowley, sent me an email to discuss the future conversation. The first three words in the email from Judy were “I am sorry.” She apologized for her “style of response” if it upset me. The email continued with Judy telling me why she got angry with Dan Hennen and I, “I get angry when someone’s first response to me or about me is an attack and don’t feel they deserve the respect they think they do. I also get angry at you and Dan because you don’t accept anything someone has said that doesn’t conform to what you believe or want to believe.”

My first response is not to attack. Dan’s first response is not to attack. So, Judy is lying if she truly believes our first response is to attack. I can’t expect anyone to “conform” to what I believe about this case because, unlike Judy, I have not reached a conclusion about this case. Judy has. Judy believes David is guilty. I am not so sure. Judy claims to be sincere in wanting to share what she knew with the Justice for David Crowley & family Facebook group, and in the beginning, I believed her. I tried. I feel many people in the group at that time also tried to be respectful towards this person posting and commenting as Judy Prochnow.

Judy apparently “worked closely with many city, state and financial agencies” so she knew a thing or two about finishing “one point before jumping to a completely different question/issue. It’s instinctive…Nothing is resolved by jumping from one topic to another without finishing the first.”

“I finally decided,” Judy continued in the email, “from the attitudes I read that your group was not interested in what I had to say. You were more interested in tearing apart what I had to say, and tearing me down if I didn’t say the right thing. Thus the attitude. I have sarcasm refined to an art form and most of the responses I receive deserve nothing less.”

I don’t think Judy understood the purpose of the Justice for David Crowley & family Facebook group, especially after she stated, “Your group has to work on discussions and acknowledging that there IS another side to every issue and maybe not everything is the result of something “suspicious.””

Let’s have a discussion. Don’t back down now. Judy I am calling you out. I believe you have become nothing more than a cyberbully, and I do not like bullies. So, show up or grow up and stop with your nonsense. You are embarrassing the Crowley and Alam family. Please stop. You have contributed little to their belief that David Crowley is guilty, in my opnion.

“Yours and Dan’s day will come,” Judy wrote to me on June 8th, 2016. Then, in an email dated June 17th, 2016, Judy clarified that statement, “The “your day will come” comment was not a threat – it was a warning. You and Dan H. cannot continue this agenda against the family and not pay for it at some point in your life. I know you will claim you have no agenda except finding the truth…but you’re deceiving yourself.” How can you be so sure Judy? Don’t send me threats disguised as warnings, because it looks the same to me.

That was another reason why I did not pursue a “conversation” with Judy. At that point, I was not sure I was dealing with a mentally-stable human being. If my instincts were correct, then there was no point in trying to have a real discussion with this person anymore. So, I dropped the idea. Lesson learned, or so I thought.

Nope, looks like I still have a few more lessons to learn since I initiated the debate and called out the keyboard warrior known as Judy Prochnow. For someone who has so much to say on Facebook, I found it strange she didn’t have the courage to back it up on a live debate.

Going back to Judy’s June 8th, 2016 email, Judy thought I backed out of the recorded discussion because I was a coward and a chicken-shit, “Such a coward. Brave enough to post personal email but not brave enough to come out from hiding. How does it feel to be such a chicken shit?”

Judy even took a verbal jab at the producers of The Gray State documentary, “It wasn’t too difficult to figure out. All the fancy camera equipment. Was it Big Jerk Productions interviewing you for Jerks of the Month? Or was it an educational film about how to slander while putting on a guise of being righteous. Whatever it was the only people who will see it are conspiracy whacks like you and your boy hero, Dan H. Hi everyone! I will leave you all alone now. The combined IQ of this page doesn’t hit three figures.”

Remember those words, The Gray State producers, or should I call you Big Jerk Productions? Judy believes the only ones who will watch your film are “conspiracy whacks.” What does that say about the producers in the words of Judy Prochnow?

Somewhere between June 8th and June 17th, 2016, Judy checked the spam folder in her email and realized that I did respond to her previous emails. Right on cue she apologized again, “Greg – Found this in my spam file. I apologize for accusing you of not sending it.

I had not heard back from you – unless that too is in the spam file – and your comments and accusations about me led me to believe you were no longer interested.”

After apologizing, Judy continued to call me a coward, “I realize I have made comments as well, but I do believe that you are a coward to hide behind a block and then discuss me and call me a liar when you think I cannot see it.  I won’t apologize for stating that – to your face.” We know Judy has access to what is posted in the Justice for David Crowley and family Facebook group since, apparently, two of her children are members. Additionally, anyone can create a fake Facebook profile if they really want to see what is posted in the group. It’s a public group.

Judy’s comments became more disturbing, and more irrational, as she speculated that “everyone who has not bought into the triple murder” was considering “maybe Dan Crowley raped his niece, killed his mother, used the memorial fund money for himself, probably he and his friends had something to do with killing three members of his family, looted his dead brother’s house.” Of all the people who have brought up this theory the most, Judy should be at the top of the list.

Judy questioned my Christianity many times during our email exchanges but the last one I know of happened in her June 17th, 2016 email, “If you’re a Christian Greg you should be pouring love and compassion on them, not slander.” The wisest Christians I know personally understand that only The Father knows who is and who is not a Christian. His judgement is sufficient for me.

I believe it’s clear Judy lied when she wrote, “None of you on this page accepted the murder/suicide. From the moment all of you heard about his death you jumped to the conclusion that it HAD to be murder. And in order for you to maintain that conclusion you discard any point anyone who disagrees with you attempts to make.”

Will she debate me and prove this statement? I doubt it. I seriously doubt these are the words of a mentally-stable person, but only God knows for sure.

In the same June 17th, 2016 email, Judy then admitted she lied, “I was lying when I said I saw what David had handwritten about his wife and child and since then I have seen much, much more but if I were to say that on your pages I would be called a liar, or worse and “discredited” (you all think) because I can’t prove it. It has never been about can’t proving it Greg. It has always been about not choosing to prove it out of respect for those you shared the information with me.” Why would she spend so much time posting and commenting when she had no intention of proving her statements?

Judy believes David Crowley killed his wife and daughter before killing himself. Police believe David snapped. Judy continued to tell me what the truth was, “The truth of David killing his wife and child is unacceptable to you so you and Dan use that against any person who says differently.” These are more assumptions brought to you by Judy Prochnow.

Judy also wrote, “This case is closed Greg. It is not God’s plan to have it re-opened.” How does Judy know God’s plan?

According to Judy, “All the people who actually knew and loved the Crowleys have accepted that he did it and are slowly being shown & understanding why he did it, although some questions will never be answered.” Slowly but surely?

“From the beginning,” Judy concluded, “I wanted a sincere, honest discussion where BOTH sides are evaluated, but what I got was a bunch of people calling me disgusting names and dragging my family into their ugly pit. I didn’t do it because I knew David & Komel. I knew them just a little bit more than 99.99% of the people on your boards. I did it because their deaths were gruesome and tore into the hearts and lives of so many people. I do it because there are still nights both my husband and I dream about what we saw that day. I do it because of the friendships we have managed to create and maintain despite having very little in common except these deaths. I do it because of Kate and Dan Crowley Sr and Sidrah’s grief stricken, shocked eyes that day in March when they went through the house.”

I will be live on March 24th and March 26th of 2017. I will debate anyone who believes David Crowley is guilty of murdering his wife and child, before killing himself. This is an open challenge. I gave Judy three weeks to accept my challenge. She did not accept my challenge, but she was free Saturday, March 26th. March 26th is a Sunday. March 25th is a Saturday. So here we go again. Disinformation.


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