David Crowley Discussion (1/17/17)

Dan Hennen and myself discuss the allegations against David Crowley two years later. If you had not read the 94 pages of police reports or if you have not seen the 464 crime scene photos, and if you are sincere in understanding what really happened to David Crowley, his wife and their young daughter, please take the time to go through the police evidence when you have time.

Is David Crowley guilty of murdering his wife and child before taking his own life? You can decide what you believe is truth. For me, this case began with A Gray Shame. We waited a year for the the case to be closed. We expected transparency, if not from the Gray State team or from the friends and family that chose to speak with us, at least from the Apple Valley Police Department once they closed the case. The 94 pages and 464 photos were quietly released and the case was then closed. We were told police would no longer discuss the case with us after that. Thankfully, the lead detective in the case, Detective Gummert, agreed to answer our questions once the case was closed. We asked the lead detective 21 questions. I spoke with who I believe was the wife’s sister on Facebook. I’ve watched the actions of certain members of the Gray State “team”, and I use that term loosely.

Here we are, two years later, and I am still asking myself if I am satisfied with the answers given. I pray to the Father in Heaven to guide me down His path, not my own. If I am following this case for my own benefit then shame on me. If I am following this case to get to the truth, then we will see The Gray Shame and we will expose the lies of the children of the Devil. What is done in the darkness will be exposed in the Light of Jesus Christ. I pray that Christ guide me to do His will and not my own.

Someone asked me why I have spent so much time researching this case? Especially when I was never a supporter of David Crowley or of the Gray State project. I can only state that I go where Christ takes me. This I know, where Christ wants you, there you are.

I apologize in advance for my bad audio…

David Crowley Questions Playlist:


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