Gray Stage – 21 Questions for Detective Gummert


by Greg Fernandez Jr.

Today Apple Valley Police Department Detective Sergeant Jim Gummert sent me an email response to 21 questions related to the alleged double-murder suicide committed by David Crowley. The full transcript of my questions and the response is written below.

Sent by Greg Fernandez Jr. -3/16/2016 (8:35:42 p.m.)
Returned by Detective Gummert – 5/10/2016 (12:41 p.m.)

Police were first at the “scene” of the Crowley residence at 1:04 p.m. on January 17th, 2015. The scene was cleared at 5:09 p.m. that same day. After assessing the scene, Detective Sergeant Jim Gummert of the Apple Valley Police Department believed David Crowley was guilty of a double-murder suicide.

Police declined to provide us with “hundreds” of crime scene images. According to Detective Gummert there were no police reports withheld from the 94 pages of police reports released to the public. Det. Gummert never spoke to Komel’s father. The Department of Homeland Security was not involved in the investigation and neither was the FBI, according to Gummert.

Asked if he saw the bullet hole in the living room ceiling on January 17th, Gummert answered, “I saw it, unknown of exact date.” Even if he didn’t see the bullet hole on January 17th, he did see the images that prove a bullet hole was present on January 17th. Was Chris Cline mistaken when he told police he was in the Crowley house on January 19th, with Dan Crowley Sr. and Daniel Crowley Jr.? Dan Sr. told police he wasn’t in the house with Cline on that date.

I asked Det. Gummert if he knew who was telling the truth and who was not? “No,” Gummert responded.

He believed it was possible that Komel was shot before Rani. Rani’s flesh and blood was not found anywhere on Komel’s body. Asked if there were any latent fingerprints on the blood-smeared wall, the detective simply replied, “No.”

Body parts were “missing” from the scene. They were not found elsewhere inside the house; they were simply missing, and Det. Gummert implies that the dog ate the missing body parts.

21 Questions for Detective Gummert

  1. What evidence did you find to prove David Crowley was guilty of a double-murder suicide? MN BCA analysis results. How long did it take to come to that conclusion? It took them several months to send back results.
  2. Several reports state body parts, such as hands, were “missing”, can you clarify as to whether or not body parts were missing from the entire crime scene? (According to Detective Bone, Rani’s entire right arm and shoulder were missing from her arm socket. David’s right hand was “missing” and so was most of his skull. A “majority” of Komel’s head was also “missing,” according to Detective Bone. “Both of her hands were found to be missing.”) Parts were missing from scene.
  3. The murder weapon was found near David’s left hand. Yet there are many pictures that clearly show David pointing a gun with his right hand. Do you believe David was right-handed or left-handed? Right.
  4. Were there any latent fingerprints on the blood smeared wall? (“Allahu Akbar”) No.
  5. Images of the murder weapon were provided to Tom Lyden, Fox News 9 anchor, who I assume filled out the same disclosure form as I did. Yet I did not receive at 3 images that Tom Lyden did; including the image of the murder weapon on a living room table, red blood foot prints on a hardwood floor. If I file another disclosure request for those specific images, will I receive the images requested? I would also request an image of the murder weapon where it was found (even a censored version). Fill another one out with a specific request and I will see what I can do.
  6. Is it possible, based on evidence found at the crime scene, Komel was shot first and Rani was not immediately shot after? It is possible. Was Rani’s blood or flesh found on Komel’s body? No.
  7. Early media reports suggested Daniel Crowley Jr. went to David’s house on December 26th or December 27th, 2014. However, in police reports it is clear Daniel Crowley Jr. stated he was at his brother’s house on December 28th. Was Daniel ever asked about the various dates as to when he went to the Crowley residence? No.
  8. Is it true that police went to the Crowley residence on three separate occasions, once after the bodies were discovered, a second time after a “mushroom” bullet was discovered (page 51 of the pdf, image DSC_0032), and a third time on February 18th, 2015 (when they found a bullet hole near the living room ceiling)? Yes.
  9. Was water found in any of the toilets in the Crowley residence? How did the family dog, Paleo, survive for three weeks? Yes, see answer to question 2.
  10. Chris Klein/Klien/Cline – Do you know when a neighbor called the Apple Valley Police Department to report a “suspicious person” in the Crowley residence on January 19th, 2015? (pg. 78) Yes.
  11. The suspicious person was Chris Klien. How was Chris Klien identified as the “suspicious person” the neighbor was referring to? Unknown.
  12. Chris Klien stated he was in the house with Daniel Crowley Sr. and Dan Jr., even though the neighbor apparently only reported one “suspicious person.” Dan Sr. denied being in the house with Chris Klien (“He told me he was not aware of the bullet hole and had not gone into the home with Cline.” – Detective Sean McKnight, pg. 81). Do you know if it was ever discovered who was telling the truth and who was not? No.
  13. Are there images from 1/17/15 that show a bullet hole near the living room light? Yes.
  14. Did you see the bullet hole in the living room ceiling on January 17th, 2015? I saw it, unknown of exact date.
  15. Was the Department of Homeland Security or the FBI involved in your investigation or were they conducting their own investigation? Not contacted, no investigation.
  16. Did you ever speak to Anjum Alam? No.
  17. I received a 94 page pdf document full of police reports. Are there police reports that were excluded in the 94 page pdf? No.
  18. I received 464 images from the AVPD after filling out their disclosure request form. How many images were possibly withheld? Hundreds? Thousands? Hundreds.
  19. Is it possible to get censored images that will help prove three bodies were found at the Crowley residence on 1/17/15. No.
  20. Is it possible to get the medical examiners report or BCA reports in addition to what has already been provided? You will have to contact them.
  21. What did you find within hours after arriving at the crime scene that led you to believe David Crowley was guilty of a double-murder suicide? Assessment of scene.

In addition to answering the 21 questions, Detective Gummert took the time to explain his answers:

“Mr. Fernandez, I understand my answers are short and to the point, but based on your questions you have read all of our reports, and there is nothing more to add on my end.  If we did not cover it in our reports than we did not feel it necessary to do so.

I have come to the realization that there is nothing I can say or do that will ever satisfy the people that believe there is a cover up and that the family was murdered by the government, or agents acting on behalf of the government.  I will also never be able to satisfy people’s opinion that our department did a poor job investigating this incident even though most, if not all of those critics have never spent a day doing what we do. 

I am not sure where you fall in your opinions, but I would hope we could agree on one point.  That the lives lost in that home have greatly affected their families.  I think we owe it to their families to move on and let them live in peace.  They have suffered enough, and continual discussion of this case serves no purpose.

Moving forward I will no longer answer any other questions regarding this case.  Time has come for our department to move on.  I wish you the best in your future endeavors.

Take care, Jim.”

The Gray Stage continues

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