A Conversation with Sidrah Alam: The Gray Stage #3

Shortly before the Apple Valley Police Department released information meant to prove David Crowley was guilty of a double-murder suicide, I was able to ask David’s sister-in-law, Sidrah Alam, some questions about the investigation. Sidrah believed David murdered his wife Komel, his daughter Raniya, and then shot himself. It had been over a year since police found the deceased bodies inside the home at 1051 Ramsdell Drive. There was a time when Sidrah considered alternative views about the deaths of the Crowleys, but that changed when she “saw the facts.” After seeing those facts she knew “the only thing that could change my mind would be if my sister came back and told me herself that David didn’t do this.”

Sidrah did not believe David was suicidal, “But he was obsessed with my sister. I remember [Komel] told me she was done with him and couldn’t do this anymore, a year before all of this happened when she called my dad. I’m sure he started brainwashing her starting there when he realized she could leave him.”

Even though Sidrah didn’t think David was suicidal when she was around him, she still believed he committed suicide. Sidrah also believed David wrote a suicide note, “The note said to watch his Gray State new version video, and on the bottom it said to submit to Allah now. It was his writing, our family can vouch for that…we didn’t need comparison for the handwriting because we actually knew how he wrote.”

The note, allegedly written by David Crowley, was found on the computer desk in David’s office. The page was flipped open and read, “Open “The Rise” most recent version. Submit to Allah NOW.”

_BCA4594“That note is not listed as a suicide note,” I reminded Sidrah, “and police have said there was no suicide note. There were only the two notes.”

“It’s a suicide note duh?” she responded. “If there was no note then I’d be more suspicious he didn’t do this. Can’t you see it’s a play on words? Terrorists say that they kill in the name of God. This was all done to spin stuff so his movie could get attention ‘cause he couldn’t do it while he was alive.”

However, in an email sent to Los Angeles filmmaker Jason Allen on December 17th, 2014, David Crowley stated, “Gray State fans are growing at a rate of 100-200 per day, and when I get started I can only expect they’ll keep coming. My wife Komel and I are quietly and fervently putting this all into place, and no one else, and I mean NO ONE ELSE, is at all involved in the project’s decision making process or finances.”

We also know that David was still working on a deal to make Gray State a television series, according to Michael Entertainment Group’s President Mike Boggio III.

I can only assume Sidrah Alam did not know about these two important facts when she answered my questions.

Who Died First?

The murder weapon was found next to David’s left hand. Yet in several photos David can be seen firing a weapon with his right hand. Even though David was the one who taught Sidrah how to shoot a gun, she wasn’t sure if David was right-handed or left-handed. We know who died last, if we are to believe the official theory, but who died first? Was it Komel or Raniya?

“The hardest pill to swallow for me and my dad is that [David] probably made Rani watch all of this.” Sidrah was convinced that her sister died before Raniya, “Their bodies were close. So if Rani got shot before Komel their bloods would have mixed, and Komel’s blood is the only one on the wall…Raniya’s blood was nowhere.”

“How can that be?” I asked.

“He didn’t kill her yet.” Sidrah also believes Komel and Rani were “hit in the back” and that David shot himself in the mouth. “Other shots around the house showed he tried to hit the dog but was unsuccessful,” Sidrah continued, “I actually laid down where David’s body was and acted like I had a gun and lifted my hand up like I was trying to shoot an object…it was at the height of the dog.”

“David shot at the dog while he was on the ground?” I asked. “That seems odd.”

“Yeah he was on the ground trying to do some creepy ceremony. Obviously he had lost it.” This was the first time I had heard about any type of ritual or ceremony by David. Though Sidrah didn’t elaborate on that comment, paranormal activity was mentioned.

I began to look into the possibility that a demon was following the Crowley family. If David dabbled in the occult as Mason Hendricks claimed, and if David truly had a “soft-spot for the anti-Christ,” and since David had a Bohemian Grove owl statue in his office bedroom, I had to consider the possibility of demonic involvement in this case.

For Sidrah, there was no doubt that the Crowley family witnessed paranormal activity before they moved to 1051 Ramsdell Drive. If true, I wondered, when did the paranormal activity end?

The Surface Pro

“Komel and Rani had a DVD player next to them,” wrote Sidrah, “which makes us believe they were watching a movie and he came from the basement.” The DVD player was later described as the Surface Pro seen in the crime scene photos.

DSC_0432“My sister wrote down her feelings on her Surface Pro,” Sidrah explained to me. “If I can get into it I can solve exactly why David did this and put an end to all of these questions everyone has. She had a diary.” Police were able to extract the data from Komel’s Surface Pro but they “didn’t find anything,” according to Sidrah. So what happened to Komel’s diary?

DSC_0433Sidrah suspects Komel and Raniya were watching a movie on the Surface Pro when they were killed, “She had Netflix so I’m questioning they were watching a movie on it.”

Was anything deleted from Komel’s Surface Pro? Not without the password, Sidrah was told. She doesn’t think police were able to bypass the password screen and gain full access to the device. I told her there is software she could buy to bypass the password and break into the computer. I was a little surprised that police told her they couldn’t get past the password screen of the Surface Pro.

“Police couldn’t without risking losing the information,” Sidrah responded.

Police were eventually able to extract the data from the Surface Pro, according to what Sidrah’s dad told her, “Just talked to my dad. They couldn’t get into the iPhone but they did get into the Surface Pro and they didn’t find anything.” When the Alams retrieved Komel’s possessions from police, the SIM card for Komel’s iPhone was missing. It’s unclear why police removed the SIM card at this time.

Sidrah also told me David didn’t want Komel talking to the Alams. The image on the Surface Pro shows only Komel and Raniya, “She cut David’s picture on the display. He was right next to her.” The picture was from a 2013 Christmas card the Crowley family sent out that year, “He’s not even in their Christmas card picture, just [Komel] and Rani.”

The Facts of the Official Theory

“I saw the fingerprints on the wall. They all matched to his fingerprints. It was just all omitted in the official report because the wall wasn’t supposed to be released, but it accidentally got out.” – Sidrah Alam

I asked Sidrah when she first believed the official theory and why, “When me and my husband and my dad did our own research. When I went to Minnesota it was an eye opener…facts are what made me believe the official story. I just want everyone to know we’re not stupid. We spent countless sleepless nights putting everything together. It would be so much easier to just blame this on someone else rather than David. But sadly he is the reason why my sister and niece aren’t alive today. I honestly was numb in the beginning and didn’t know what to believe until we got facts and did our own research.”

What were these facts she kept talking about? I asked.

“Fingerprint matches on the gun and wall,” Sidrah answered, “handwriting matches on the note, bloody footprint matches around the house, bloody handprints grabbing the cellphone, just all the matches. We saw them all. I don’t know what they wrote in the police report. I never cared to read it.”

“It’s not rocket science Greg,” Sidrah said of the allegations against David. “Once they determined there were no outsiders involved it’s a suicide. It’s that easy.”

“How could they determine that so quickly?” I asked.

“Doors, windows, no other footprints or DNA around the house,” she responded. “They had people come out from the Minneapolis police department bomb squads. It was a terror zone.”

“But they couldn’t find a bullet above their heads?” I asked. “If they missed that, who knows what else they may have missed. They were looking for forced entry when a door was open.”

“The door was not open,” Sidrah pointed out. The rear slider was found slightly ajar, which qualifies as an open door to me.

“How do you explain David’s bloody fingerprints?” she asked me. The fingerprint matches were instrumental in convincing Sidrah that David was guilty.

“Even if they’re his,” I responded, “it doesn’t prove murder.”

“We saw them and that’s all that matters at the end of the day,” She responded. “How does that not prove murder?”

“It’s not hard to put prints anywhere.”

“Footprints?” Sidrah asked.

“To frame someone is pretty easy. Footprints can be cleaned.”

“How do you put bloody feet around the house?” she asked me.

“I’m sure those were his feet,” I agreed, “but bloody footprints do not prove murder either.”

_BCA4429“It was per the family’s request” that the writing on the wall and on the notepad was withheld from the public, according to Sidrah. “We didn’t want that out there.”

I still did not understand why such a significant part of an active investigation would be withheld from the public, especially when the information could dramatically help police prove their theory that David Crowley “snapped,” causing him to kill his wife, his daughter and then himself.

“With something like this,” Sidrah explained, “we have to deal with a lot of shit back home with our family. We didn’t want it getting attention for stupid reasons…we had to protect ourselves.”

As far as David being guilty, Sidrah assured me, “Trust me when I say it took a lot to realize he did this. We actually knew them. Just try to be in our shoes for a minute. Realize how hard it was to actually admit he did this. Usually family is the one who doesn’t want to believe something like that and others give you a reality check. But we actually believe it so don’t you think that’s saying a lot?”

When I told her I thought there were family members who didn’t believe David was guilty, she said, “They aren’t family then.”

“I pray God guides you in the right direction,” Sidrah wrote to me. “Don’t focus too much in small details. You’ll get yourself tangled in a mess you can’t get out of. I say that from experience. Try to see the bigger picture with a clear mind. Pray about it and then forget about it. God will guide you to the truth. That’s what I did and I’m at peace.”

“The big picture for me,” I responded, “is there is an accusation that was made far too prematurely. One year after being promised we’ll get to the truth, I find I have not. Many things that happened after the murders were strange too.”

“I hope you find what you’re looking for,” Sidrah told me as our conversation came to an end. “My job was to let you know that I have seen it all. I wish I could let everyone see what I have seen from my eyes. But it doesn’t work like that. I pray for you guys to see the light often.”

Sidrah remains convinced, “Gray State died with David. Komel didn’t care for Gray State but she wanted David to pursue his dreams. Therefore she supported what he did, but personally she didn’t really care for it. The only person who wants to push this forward is Danny Mason. No one else. Trust me it’s not gonna go forward. There’s no way it can go forward without my Dad’s permission and they won’t ever get that, unless they wanna deal with legal consequences.”

Up Next: 21 Questions for Jim Gummert


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  1. Greg please call to talk to Collin and I. I promise not to bite your head off. You have stated you have questions you would like answered so feel free to call. Send a message to my Judy Lee Prochnow page.

    1. Please contact me here gregfernandezii@gmail.com and we will find a date and time that works for all of us. My only request is the conversation be recorded for clarity. I will provide you with the full MP3 of the recording. I may only choose to use some of the conversation for future use but I won’t quote out of context or play any games with what is said.

  2. Foot prints and finger prints could have been left some how to frame him.I am sure there would be away to pull that off?
    BUT I think since the family is believing it and the rest of us don”t see him doing this considering his hard work on getting this film done and out to his fans, there is another answer and it is this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>MK-ULTRA Mind control! I know to people that know nothing about the conspiracy world this must sound crazy, but this program is real and very much alive today more than ever!
    The US stole it from the Nazi’s at the end of the war. All i can say is study into it and let me know what you think? I think they have used this to do a lot lately, like possibly the Sandy Hook Hoax, Boston Bombing, Aurora Co. Batman shootings, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Navy base shootings and God knows what else!
    Of course it sounds crazy but who knows i could be right?? It would definitely explain everything! David doing something like this while out of his real world locked in this “obey the commands state of mind.” The people that are messing with this, love to find a chance to use it on someone!
    Anyway, check it out and do let me know what you think?

  3. Oh by the way, either he was indeed right handed or he did not write that note! You will notice the pen is on the right side of the note pad, not the left! No way a lefty would do that! plus to me it looks like a right hander because all the lefty’s i know right better than righty”s do. And you can obviously tell by the angle of the letters/words!
    So if he wrote the note and was right handed, then we are back to the question of why would he use his left hand to stick the gun in his mouth? I would have to say there is like a 99% chance he wouldn’t!
    Also, can someone tell me what make and caliber of gun he supposedly used? And how many shots in all we fired and how many on each body, ect….? Thanks

    1. He was right handed for sure. Both for writing and shooting. Springfield X-D .40caliber handgun. Official report is David shot his wife twice, his daughter once and himself once. Police found a bullet lodged in the basement wall. They found a “mushroomed” bullet that rolled out of the carpet two days later. The they found the bullet that killed David one month later. From the reports I believe 6 shots were fired. An image of the gun magazine shows possibly one spent bullet. There’s the question of if he shot at the dog. Too many questions not enough answers yet.

      1. Thanks for all of that!
        I noticed you did not comment on my other reply concerning Mk-ultra.
        I know you probably think I am crazy. But please do me a favor if that is the case.
        Promise me you will stop right now, and go look into James Holmes and the Batman Theater shootings in Aurora, Co.
        You will notice how smart of a guy he was at the top of his class, how many friends he had and was liked by,as none of them could ever see him doing this, what he was studying at the time he abruptly changed his life’s coarse by dropping out of college, how he told the cops about the bomb at his apartment so no one would get hurt, that took him so long to plan out , how he looked before he quit school and how he looked during the court hearings, and to top it off make sure you find the eye witnesses that stated shots were fired from BOTH sides of the Theater!
        I am one of those that think all this are false flags designed to further their gun control agenda!

        Then of coarse you will also have to dig into, “what is Mk-ultra”, if you never have.

        Anyway, if you decide to, let me know what you think about the possibility it could have been deployed on David, as I feel fairly sure it was on James,

        Oh and by the way, the next time you hear someone refer to people like me as one of those stipid tin foil hat wearing conservative theorist, just think about this :

        In 1967, the CIA Created the Label “Conspiracy Theorists” … to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the “Official” Narrative
        Conspiracy Theorists USED TO Be Accepted As Normal
        Democracy and free market capitalism were founded on conspiracy theories.
        The Magna Carta, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and other founding Western documents were based on conspiracy theories. Greek democracy and free market capitalism were also based on conspiracy theories.
        But those were the bad old days …Things have now changed.
        The CIA Coined the Term Conspiracy Theorist In 1967
        That all changed in the 1960s.
        Specifically, in April 1967, the CIA wrote a dispatch which coined the term “conspiracy theories” … and recommended methods for discrediting such theories. The dispatch was marked “psych” – short for “psychological operations” or disinformation – and “CS” for the CIA’s “Clandestine Services” unit.
        The dispatch was produced in responses to a Freedom of Information Act request by the New York Times in 1976.
        The dispatch states:
        Conspiracy theory is just as much an oxymoron as calling someone who thinks you will have weeds in your garden a ‘weed theorist’. It is much better that we all expect and watch out for conspiracies than if we allow them to slip by unnoticed.
        Old George W Bush coined the name, “TRUTHERS”, after 9/11, because so many people started questioning that ridiculous NIST report.
        And let’s not forget that Obuma, continued the phrase, “TRUTHER”S”, in order to further discredit us after Sandy Hook!


      2. You’re right, I forgot to reply to that part. I’m just not ready to form any concrete conclusion at this point. I think it’s fair to examine as many scenarios as we can and each choose to go where it leads us. MK Ultra is real, mind-control is real and you’re not the first person to ask such a relevant question. To examine that possibility one would need to search through David’s military background IMO. Something I have been lagging on diving into.

  4. Sorry one more thing i forgot to ask if you don’t mind.
    I noticed in the 2nd video posted on here, Dan Hennon said Anjum Alam seemed to be waiting on the finalized report as we are.
    So did i understand this correctly, and they are still working on it and we will get to view the official final report?
    If so does anyone know when?
    I guess the reason this kind of puzzles me is because i just watched a news report video, that was an update to the Crowley case, where the local news station was definitely instructed to go on the air and debunk all of the rumors and accusations going around about all of this. AS THEY POINTED OUT EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED, AS IF THEY WERE THERE WHEN IT TOOK PLACE!
    They made it sound like there was no other possibilities left, other than David done all of it! They even said he had just lost the financing he had set up for the making of Gray State and was really deeply depressed because he was no longer going to be able to get the movie done! (i will back track and find this video if you need it?)

    BUT—— it sounded to me like David had all the funds he needed thru face book and other ways of private individual contributions.—Is that not true? Did i misunderstand him saying that?

    Thanks again for taking the time out to answer all my questions!

    1. When the original long-form video was first recorded it was in August of 2015. The video you mention is just a small clip of a 2 hour talk, which can be found in the description of that video. The last police report on the case was dated 10/07/15 by Detective Brian Booth. The status at the end of this report is “Exceptionally cleared.” I thank you for taking the time to examine this case. Please let me know if I can help any further. There’s so many layers to this case. The case is now closed and police are not discussing it any further. Detective Jim Gummert agreed to answer 21 questions and the transcripts of the Q &A (via email) was just posted here. please let me know what you think when you have time. A $14,000 check was found with the Christmas presents left on the front door stoop. I’d love to see the video you’re talking about. I may not have seen it.

      1. Here is the link to the news report. But after reading over the 21 questions answered i noticed the name Tom Lyden come up at fox 9
        so you may have seen it.
        It just killed me how they were trying to get the conspiracy theorist to stop asking questions, by acting like they were there when it happened so they knew exactly how it all went down!
        They kept stressing that he was obsessed w/GS, and that it was a dark topic and probably had a lot to do with David killing his family. BS!

        Remember where i said that they had said he lost his funds for the movie?
        Do you know if that was true, or did he have the money part of it covered already?—-News 9 said the family was crushed by that news and it caused marriage problems.
        To me that is a HUGE question! —

        Anyway here is the link. Let me know if you have seen it already, and if you know about the $$$$$$$ for the movie?
        Thanks for your time and also for setting this site up and devoting so much time to find the truth about this horrific event.

        I have a lot more to ask and say, but I will spare you for now! lol! Later!


      2. I don’t know much about the money for the movie only what police reports state – that the crowleys had money in the bank but it was decreasing from the summer up until the deaths. I know lots of people contributed funds to the trailer Ect.

    2. there was a note by david’s computer I saw that said something “aluminum kevlar helmet” that could go in with what your saying

  5. As for the 21 Questions for Detective Gummert?

    Question #2— He said her hands were, “missing.” Does he mean the frikin dog ate part of her head and her hands to the point that her hands were literally missing? (don’t make sense to me?)

    #4—So why did Police Chief Jon Rechzigel state that David wrote on the wall? Of course you would assume that, but is there evidence to prove he was the one that actually wrote those words in blood on the wall?

    #5— Probably because they did not exist yet. Possible? Who knows?

    #7—WHY NOT???

    #10,11,12—–I missed the Chris Klien information. I will search for that now. Don’t know how i missed this. Guess i have a lot more to learn to catch up with you.
    (when you have time please feel free to fill me in)


    #19—Of course not. They can show the world pics of Boston Bombing victims that had their legs blown off but can’t show even one picture of one dead kid at Sandy Hook or in the Crowley’s home? (i guess fake blood on amputees is not as bad as a real dead body huh?) lol

    1. #2 – Yes that is what he seems to be implying.
      #4 – Good question. What evidence do they have then?
      #5 – They exist. Tom Lyden got them and put them in that video. I don’t understand why we can’t get them. I’ll try again.
      #7 – I’m guessing Dan Jr. wasn’t asked because he only gave the police one date – Dec. 28. It was the media who reported Dan Jr. went to the Crowley residence either the 26th or 27th of December 2014, but he wasn’t sure which date.
      #10,11,12 – On Jan. 19, 2015 a neighbor called police about a suspicious person inside the Crowley house. On February 17th, 2015, AVPD Detective Brian Bone spoke with Chris Cline, the “suspicious person”, over the phone. During the conversation Cline mentioned a bullet hole in the living room ceiling. Up until this point police did not know about the bullet hole or the bullet the would eventually find in the attic above the living room. This bullet is allegedly the bullet that killed David Crowley. That’s the short version based on the police reports. Long version is in the first Gray Stage article about the police reports and crime scene photos.
      #16 – Gummert only spoke with Sidrah.
      #19 – This as a tough question for me to ask. It could seem disrespectful to some but God knows that’s not my intent. Police have gone out of their way to continually speak about conspiracy theories involving the government and claiming David “snapped” because his work was taking him to a “dark place”.

  6. Here are a few of my own questions about what little i have learned about this case.

    1) Would you leave the large front window curtains open while you shot your wife in front of it? (especially considering a witness said it was usually pulled closed?)

    2) Why would they report there were no foot prints in the snow when no one even looked at the snow until days or weeks later? (Not sure when the neighbor noticed?)

    3) Do you think The Crowley’s would have been writing little teasing love notes around the house if they were all depressed and possibly getting a divorce?

    4) Does it not seem to you that they tried to turn this into another,
    “Scary MUSLIM” thing?

    5)From all the good things i have read about David, why would his friend, Mason Hendriks, say “he did it and there’s no denying it?”

    6) Why did they spend so much time on the News 9 story, trying to dis-credit the so called “Conspiracy Theorist?” I mean, it’s just obvious that anyone who thinks David did not do this is just sick in the head! —So says the all knowing MSM! lol!

    7) Not really a question but notice how they portrayed David as a , “Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist!” Like I said, they continue to make the public think anyone who questions them are not credible, but instead crazy!

    8)Why did the PD deny intruders entered the home to kill this family so fast, considering they had a way into the home w/o the need of using force by way of the sliding glass door being ajar?

    Anyway, again i will stop here, but will surely have more. Later!

    1. Obviously not convincing enough as you, Joe, and the rest of your tin foil crowd are still trying to sell the false story that it was a triple homicide.

      1. Why are you so worried about what our group is doing? And why did you program Sidrah to have a conversation with Greig? If it’s a triple homicide cool, move on with your life! We aren’t convinced and Sidrah lost the benefit of the doubt with me

      2. Interesting thing about the tin foil hat deal.The MSM is the main purveyor of weird conspiracies and simply censors all information that will prove them not credible.

        The gullible public, that has never thought to question anything good looking folks in 3 piece suits push, lap it all up as gospel in between forced periods of commercial porn, the price paid for worshipping the Jew gods and the mammon they tell you is what life is all about……

        How does it feel to support that Judy? Blindly accepting obvious fake events in hopes of circumventing the constitution and making tyrannical rule I pretty darn sure fact buffered by the reality that your neighbors are clueless too and stupid people love the company of other stupid people?

        What’s that phrase, ignorance is bliss? Is it, Judy? Are you trying to pass that ignorance on to us so we’ll fit in better and not be such a “threat”?

        I hope you are proud. It’s unquestioning air heads like you that make it all possible. Or maybe you know and are just lying to us. That wouldn’t surprise me a bit

        How does it feel to know your three car garage was bought with burnt Arab bodies and 3rd world exploitation-
        How’s that gun control thing going for you and the Jews? Maybe one big false flag will do it, eh?

        Link it to Iran, who hasn’t attacked a country in 300 years but are claimed to be a threat to world peace. You really can’t make this shit up

  7. 1) Were the windows open when he shot his wife and child? Also, since he planned to kill himself why would he care if anyone saw him?
    2) Reasonable question but they were reporting at the time they found them.
    3)When were the love notes written? Were the murders/suicide a sudden fit of anger? Was David relieved that his mind had been made up and therefore had some relief? Do some research on suicide victims. They don’t all drag around the house weepy and morose muttering woe is me.
    4) Since the police and the family have all stated Muslims and/or the Muslim religion had nothing to do with the murders/suicide who are “they”? The only people I have seen trying to turn it into a scary Muslim thing are those who insist it’s a triple murder.
    5) Believe this or not, Mason, Dan Jr, Sidrah and all the persons intimately involved in this tragedy have seen the evidence that proves it. The fact they have not shared it with a group such as Greg’s, whose “investigation” has turned into a severe case of libel and slander against innocent people, means nothing except Greg et all are not entitled to nor are they deserving of seeing/knowing the evidence.
    6) Probably because conspiracy theorists are the ones who are defaming the family & friends and spreading false stories and theories of what happened.
    7) I don’t think they portrayed David as a nut. I think they portrayed him as someone who was swallowed by the darkness you people dwell in and died as a result. David died from mental illness, as did Komel and Raniya. Just because strangers, like all of you, want to believe differently, even conjure up tales of murder and conspiracy to pass your day, doesn’t mean that David did not kill his family before killing himself.
    8) Probably because they saw the clear evidence of murder/suicide. What did you see in that house that day?

    1. Someone can’t think for them self I see. Instead your little shallow mind is programmed to believe only what the 5:00 news tell ya to.
      Well let me enlighten you on something here before you really embarrass your self again…………………………..
      In 1967, the CIA Created the Label “Conspiracy Theorists” … to Attack Anyone Who Challenges the “Official” Narrative
      Conspiracy Theorists USED TO Be Accepted As Normal
      Democracy and free market capitalism were founded on conspiracy theories.
      The Magna Carta, the Constitution and Declaration of Independence and other founding Western documents were based on conspiracy theories. Greek democracy and free market capitalism were also based on conspiracy theories.
      But those were the bad old days …Things have now changed.
      The CIA Coined the Term Conspiracy Theorist In 1967
      That all changed in the 1960s.
      Specifically, in April 1967, the CIA wrote a dispatch which coined the term “conspiracy theories” … and recommended methods for discrediting such theories. The dispatch was marked “psych” – short for “psychological operations” or disinformation – and “CS” for the CIA’s “Clandestine Services” unit.
      The dispatch was produced in responses to a Freedom of Information Act request by the New York Times in 1976.
      Of course most can remember after 9-11, as Bush reiterated the coined 1967 founded term, “Conspiracy Theorist”, as a way to refer to the truth seekers, in which questioned the official NIST report, and insinuated it could have been an inside job. (yep-that would include me!)
      Then let’s not forget then along came Obuma, just in time to re-ignite , “TRUTHERS”, after the Sandy Hook BS story was questioned!



      SIMPLE AS THAT………………….


  8. Yes Scott…I am one of those who think 20 children died at Sandy Hook because after seeing what the ignorant (See? I can use that word as well!) conspiracy mental midgets post as proof it didn’t I can only shake my head and ask simple, common sense questions, like where are the children? Do you really think parents would give up their children for a “gun grab” by a POTUS who has/had no intention of grabbing guns? The photo of the little boy who died twice for example. Anyone who kept up with actual news and not the kind you dig out of your imagination would have seen the sign with his photo on it held my mothers in Pakistan (?) who had also lost their children with the words (paraphrased) “they are all our children”. But all of you are too damn lazy to look beyond your schizophrenic website to do actual research. Isn’t it depressing to live in a world that in order to believe every person who does not agree with you or has a story that does not meld with your paranoia is a liar or worse?
    I have no doubt the government tried to develop mind control just as they used innocent people in their research for poisons and other disgusting things, but do I live in fear that they perfected it and it is in full working order, manipulating world events and God knows what else? Hell no. Do I live in fear that the big bad government is going to knock on my door and send me to a reconstructed FEMA Walmart? Nope. Why? Because the government, the military, the N.Guard, the police are all composed of average Americans who would not willingly do such idiotic things. I have faith in mankind which IMO is far better than having suspicion of it and being frightened of every shadow and boogie man with a thought controling device hiding under your bed.
    As usual, you are just another foaming at the mouth idiot who cannot even respond to the common sense questions I posed.
    David Crowley killed his wife and child, walked and played finger paints in their blood before putting a bullet into his own head. There is plenty of evidence to prove this, evidence not shared with idiots like you because you are not entitled to know until/unless the family decides to share it. Despite what you, Greg, Dan and their groupies think, you know nothing. You know nothing because you are owed nothing. You are a bunch of evil, sick vultures feeding on tragedy to make yourself feel superior to all the ignorant robots living in the real world when in actuality you’re simply proving the opposite.
    So Scott, I won’t apologize for living in the sane world while you enjoy the mad one and nothing to say, no weak little attempt at insult, affects me because I consider the source and feel pity for you. What a sad, mad world you live in.

      1. If a clue means I have to be programmed to be paranoid and fearful about everything/everyone around me, no I haven’t a clue, thank God. I don’t want to live like those of you who inhabit these dark worlds where children are killed so the government can take away your guns, or a child is shot by God knows who because he/she/they don’t want David Crowley’s movie to come out. For cripes sakes, the script was in the hands of most of his friends and countless directors and investors he contacted – why would they have to kill David & family to get it? Do you ever use your brain for anything other than thinking up scary scenarios to satisfy your absolute sickness?

  9. Joe, where you born a bigot or did someone in a white sheet convince you to be one?
    In case you forgot, I knew about the deaths next door to me before the guys in suits (btw…three piece suits went out of style several decades ago.lol) could distort it for me. And I, like any of you phony Justice for David Crowley people, have actually seen much of the evidence not provided to sewer rats whose sole purpose seems to be defaming those who don’t follow the false tales of people like Dan & Greg and others. I have talked to Sidrah a total of 3 times. Once in person – where, by the way, she expressed her disgust and fear of people like you – and twice in brief messages. I could hardly change her mind about anything and would not want to as, unlike you, she is INFORMED whereas you and your type pull things from your butt and can’t figure out why others find it foul.
    And just so you know Joe, my husband just gave his shotgun to our son as he no longer goes hunting – bad knees. He still has his handgun for home protection. And last Christmas we bought our 14 year old grandson a rifle. So much for being a gun grabber.
    And I really wouldn’t worry about who paid for my TWO car garage when the comment comes from someone who probably masturbates to photographs of piles of dead Jewish men, women and children.

    1. Plus you’re really sick! You should see a doctor. Seriously! While you’re there, be sure to ask them if they may have something you could take to treat your Gullible-ism!

      1. I’m not gullible Mr. Scott. I’m realistic. I don’t live in fear. I’m not constantly looking behind me for boogie men and I understand that people like David Crowley can have mental breakdowns and do deeds no one would have expected. You prefer to find a bad guy behind every tragedy. Some shady, shadowy character out to …(fill in the blank).
        I also have no patience or respect for bigots like Joe who probably has a nodding Hitler figurine on the dash of his car. His hate toward Jews and everyone else who doesn’t fit into his dark little world is actually sad. If you want to embrace his character, like those who pretend to be super christians in your group, by all means I encourage you to do so!
        I notice Christopher that once again, you failed to respond to my post answering your silly questions. In order to earn your lifetime of tin foil exactly which of your two working brain cells did you have to give up?

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