Bill Apter’s Theory About Chris Benoit’s Alleged Double Murder-Suicide

(Chris Benoit topic begins at 53:15 of episode 182 of Talk Is Jericho)

On Episode 182 of “Talk Is Jericho” professional wrestling journalist Bill Apter shared his belief that Chris Benoit was innocent of murdering his wife and child, before taking his own life. “I have my own theory which is not in the book cause the publisher thought it was too intense…so I’m gonna tell you what’s not in the book, what I think may have happened – and I may be totally wrong…I think somehow Chris got in some sort of trouble. I don’t know what it was, I don’t know what it was after or whatever, but I think something happened. I think when he got home Nancy and his son were already dead and I understand that husbands and wives kill each other sometimes. They do, but not the boy. This is what didn’t make sense to me. To me, if a hit, a murder is done in a professional way they can make it look like you did it and you committed suicide as well. To this day the Chris Benoit I know couldn’t have done that at all. To me, they were dead, he got in some sort of trouble. They were murdered and when he got home, he was murdered and they set it up to make it look like he committed suicide. Only, again, because I knew they had a volatile relationship – he and Nancy – there were a lot of issue and all that, but because of Daniel, the boy, and how enamored he was with Daniel, I still today can’t fathom that he could do this.”

Chris Jericho did not agree with Apter’s theory but said, “It’s as plausible as what the official explanation is.”

“Which is noth[ing]. There isn’t one,” Apter responded.

“And there isn’t one,” Jericho agreed, “It’s been very, kind of, shady and dropped and all that sort of thing.”

Asked what he thinks about the alleged double murder-suicide, Jericho replied, “I don’t know man, I mean it’s hard, it’s hard to kind of – I would say, if I’m talking rationally, I would say concussions. I would say the same thing that happened with Junior Seau and all these type of guys…talking with Chris Nowinski about the brain hardens and just dementia makes you hear voices and these things, drives you insane.”

Apter “thought of that too, but I just, it’s Daniel, the son that makes no sense in this.”

“Nothing makes sense about it, you know,” Jericho told Apter. “So it could be concussions, it could be rage, it could be demonic possession for all I know. There’s no real closure on that.”

What do you think?

Debunked? or worth further investigation?

1 thought on “Bill Apter’s Theory About Chris Benoit’s Alleged Double Murder-Suicide”

  1. I say further the investigation. There are too many flaws in the hiccups the perpetrators left. In Benoit’s diary he basically said they were peolle after them. If you listen to how he described the story it was like be was bothered with people. Why would that dream in particular bs so important for him to write down. The same thing happened to David Crowley. Really weird. I dont think they were dead. I think when he answered the door there was a scuffle!


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