Living Room On The Moon

Purchase Living Room On The Moon by Greg Fernandez Jr. here.

A quick trip to the moon and back. Living Room On The Moon is based on a short story I am currently writing about a man who wakes up in his living room on the moon. From his living room he sees the destruction of the moon, including the Dragon – who is headed towards Earth to rule. By chance, the man figures out how to destroy the Dragon. But will he be able to convince the world of his plan before it is too late?

1. Alive – featuring Cruzmatik
2. On the Moon
3. Living Room
4. End of the World

Songs/Music produced by Dublin Beats. Recorded at OHM Studio, San Jose, CA. Mixed & Mastered by Dublin Beats.


(artwork by Derek Sharp)

Based on the short story created by Greg Fernandez Jr. – Living Room on the Moon. Coming Soon.


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