Get Off The Property – Bohemian Grove 2015

On July 25th, 2015, one day before the Bohemian Grove gathering ended, Manny Trev and I went back to the Bohemian Grove and surrounding areas to observe what was happening outside of Bohemian Grove. The two men in the white truck were driving up and down Bohemian Avenue, which leads to the entrance of Bohemian Grove, and even filmed us filming them. “Smile, guys,” the passenger said. They decided not to stop and chat with us this time, which was unfortunate. I’m sure we could have had a good conversation about what is really happening inside Bohemian Grove. Maybe next time.

As we approached the entrance of Bohemian Grove I began to film the Bohemian Grove parking lot, as I do every year. The security guard made a call to his superiors, telling them there were two people taking pictures. That’s when we met Mr. White Hat, a Bohemian Club/Grove employee. He waddled out of the golf cart and made his way towards me.

“I need you to get off the property,” he demanded.

“We’re not on the property,” I told the old man.

“Yeah you are on the property.”

“No, I’m not. I know where the property-line is, sir.”

He then got back into his little golf cart and went to speak to the Sonoma County Deputy Sheriff, who was parked inside the property of the Bohemian Grove. A second employee shadowed the bigger one, but never said anything. A few minutes later the deputy came and spoke to me, “Hi,” she politely said.


“How’s your day going?”

“My day is going great,” I responded. “How about you?”

“Good. There’s just a request to move to the other side of the road. Would that be ok with you sir?”

“Um, sure. Why not?”

“Sounds like a plan,” said the deputy.

“Would you mind answering one question for me? Please? Pretty please?” I asked. Finally, I thought I would be able to have a real conversation with a deputy sheriff about why they were guarding the Bohemian Grove entrance, on the Bohemian Club’s private property.

“You can try.”

“I can try? Yeah. Well we were just wondering, I had spoken to a deputy sheriff two weeks ago and I had asked him why they are guarding the Bohemian Grove property. Can you shed any light on that?”

“Nope, just doing my job. Ok,” the deputy told me.

“They paid you for that?”

“So, thank you for moving to the other side. I’d really appreciate it.”

“Sure.” As requested, I did move to the other side of the road, for a few minutes anyways. They can request whatever they want to, but if I want to move back to the other side of the road, I know I can. Even the employees who gave us the donuts last year pointed out where the property-line is. In 2012, 2013, 2014, and even two weeks ago in 2015, I stood in the same spot where the elderly employee in the white hat said I was on the property. Never, in all the hours I had spent in front of Bohemian Grove, did anyone, either an officer of the law or a Bohemian Club employee, ever ask me to move to the other side of the road.

Once I stepped to the other side of the road, the employee was still not pleased. Now they wanted me to move further back down the street. That was not going to happen. “I’ve been told by many sheriff deputies that this is the property-line and we can stand here,” I told the deputy.

“Ok,” the deputy seemed to agree, “but he was saying, where you’re standing belongs to a different property owner.”


The employee said something to the officer that I couldn’t hear. Nor did I care what he had to say. So we all stood there for a moment. The man began to walk back towards the Grove when I asked the deputy, “So is there someone that I could talk to? A sheriff’s deputy or a sheriff maybe, and find out why the sheriff’s deputies are guarding the Bohemian Grove? What would be the best way? Contact Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, I guess?”

“Yeah, you could try that route if you’d like,” the deputy answered.

“Oh, sheriff deputies are always nice to us. Every year.”

The deputy smiled, “Well, we’re humans too.”

“And we do appreciate that and we are too. We’re not trying to be disrespectful or trying to cause trouble or anything.”

“I get that.”

For a second time the elderly employee began to walk away, but stopped when the deputy asked me, “What’s your plan here today? I haven’t met you before.”

“No and actually, no I haven’t see you here before.”

“Ok, I’m Caroline.”

“I’m Greg, nice to meet you.”

“Ok, are you part of a group or?”


“Just a private citizen?”

“Yeah, just citizens. We’re just trying to figure out what’s going on here and so far I haven’t gotten too many answers so we’ll be here ‘till we do.”

“But it sounds like you’re aware of the trespassing laws, correct?” Deputy Caroline asked me.

“Well, I am aware of what the sheriff deputies have told us, where we can stand and where we can’t stand.”

“Ok, just as long as the person who owns the private property where you’re standing doesn’t complain. If that person complains, you might have to move to where your friend is.”

“I would have no problem with that. No problem,” I told her. I should have asked her who owned the “private property” where I was standing. It has to be the same owner where in 2014, a tree branch almost fell onto one of the Bohemian Club employees during that year’s protest. I also should have asked her about the truck that was parked behind me on the same private property for two weeks now, and why it hadn’t been towed despite the truck being parked behind a “no parking” sign. But I didn’t think of it at the time. Maybe I’ll include those questions in my letter to the Sonoma County Sheriff.

“Alright Greg, take it easy.”

“Thank you very much.”

From there, the deputy and the two employees went around the corner, out my sight, to discuss the matter further. The employees were not happy to say the least. As minutes went by I could hear the employees discussing how they could push us back away from their property-line. Eventually, the deputy must have gotten tired of their shenanigans because I could hear her voice rising as she explained there was nothing they could do. Soon after that, a second deputy came from deeper inside Bohemian Grove and spoke to Deputy Caroline. Then a third officer arrived. Eventually a fourth one showed up as well. Four deputy sheriffs for two protesters? That seemed a bit excessive.

Out of nowhere two other citizens joined us and had a good conversation with Manny Trev as I filmed three officers in the distance, watching us, with a fourth officer in his patrol car behind them.

On his radio show, Alex Jones talked about the Bohemian Grove on Friday, July 24th, in the second-half of the second hour, confirming that the two-week encampment began on July 11th weekend and lasted until July 26th. It is believed the Cremation of care took place July 11th. Those numerologists must be proud. “We know this, ” Alex Jones told his listeners, “Bohemian Grove is going on right now. Its final day is this Sunday and they are doing occultic rituals, having orgies, having homosexual sex, and the issue is it’s the Republican leadership doing it. Not everybody that goes there is bad. Not everybody there is a Satanist. But it’s a way to induct ruling-class people as the doorway into the deeper cult. But even Jon Ronson, who snuck in with me but made me promise…not to say he was there because of liability, he could have gotten sued. He, I and Mike Hanson snuck in. I had to not put a lot of the footage into my film because it was Jon Ronson there with us. But I put Dark Secrets Inside Bohemian Grove out and he was there. He saw it with me. He saw the big photo on a tree of Henry Kissinger – there was Secret Service nearby so I couldn’t get the camera hidden and get footage of it – dressed in drag doing something sexual. And the point is, this is not some moral judgment of this. Not because I don’t make moral judgments, but because, get past that and just at it for what it is. Blackmail. Even Spy Magazine, even People Magazine, admits huge problems with HIV at the Bohemian Grove, back to the 70s, back to the early 80s. Just huge bizarre behavior with former Presidents, Prime Ministers, British Royalty, Dutch Royalty. Female prostitutes down the road at hotels. 2,700 acres with just men having sex with each other. This is to compromise people and it’s going on right now. Same thing at Skull & Bones, homoerotic. Worshiping the devil. And every culture that goes downhill ends up worshiping a dark entity. So whether you believe it’s real or not, the elites do believe in the devil. I’ve been there, inside for five hours and I thought it was like a stupid devil-worship play. Except the men were raptured, they were dead serious, more focused than I’ve seen people in any holy-roller church that I’ve attended…these people were hardcore serious and their eyes were on fire during the mock-human sacrifice of a child; and we say ‘mock’ because it appeared to be mock. People say, ‘You’re covering up.’ Look, they found dead kids in the area. There’s been a lot of weird stuff. You talk to the locals, it’s like one of those vampire movies from the 60s with Peter Cushing…he’s trying to talk to locals and they won’t talk to him. It’s like that. It’s very Transylvanian-looking too.”

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Here is video of the first Bohemian Grove 2015 gathering –


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