Bohemian Grove 2015

Last year, Bohemian Grove employees gave us donuts. A tree branch nearly fell on them for their troubles. This year, we tried to return the favor to the same employees. Sadly, they did not take the donuts. Musical artist Eric Golub joined us this year with his ukulele. Personally, something felt “off” this year. I still am sure why I felt like that. Is the Bohemian Grove losing their clout? Did we show up on the right day? We try to demonstrate our free-speech in front of the Grove on the same day as the Cremation of Care, which kicks off the 2 week encampment festivities. I felt tension for no apparent reason. Also, for the first time since I’ve protested in front of the Grove, we saw chem-trails sprayed over the encampment. Was it a con-trail and not a chem-trail? Perhaps, but I was told that con-trails are created as a plane rises higher into the atmosphere. However, we saw the opposite. As the plane went higher, the “con-trails” stopped. I’m not sure if my phone picked it up, but there was a large white jumbo-sized jet that sprayed for a few seconds, stopped spraying, and then sprayed a little more before flying under the sun and towards the North Bay. It seemed like there was less foot and car traffic going in and out of the Grove this year. At least two members or guests stopped and asked us what was going on, why we were out here. Let’s remember, every person who comes to protest Bohemian Grove has their own reasons for doing so. When I show up to the Grove, I do so as a Believer in Jesus Christ. I am an observer and what I observe every year always leaves me with more questions than answers. I am only responsible for my actions, not anyone else’s. I think this is what the employees of the Bohemian Club don’t seem to understand. We come as free human beings, not as followers or leaders. By our actions, people will know us. Robert Rustom provided the photographs at the end of this video (except for the “Bohemain Ave” photo at the end). Special thanks to Sean Ackley for creating the event. Despite what others like Mary Moore tell people, people will be protesting here every year. Don’t let someone tell you any different. By their actions, you will know their motivation for spreading such half-truths. I do not go to the Grove to convert people towards my beliefs. Nor do I come to be told whether or not I am a Christian. I am a Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ, The Father in Heaven and the Holy Spirit, with the Living Word of God as my guide.

I cannot say for certain what is happening inside the Bohemian Grove, but the more we research the facts and falsities about the Bohemian Club, the closer to the truth we will be.

There is no direct evidence to prove that the 40-foot Owl of Bohemia is in fact Molech. However, just as children were sacrificed before Molech, so too is “dull care” sacrificed before the Owl of Bohemia. To the attendees of the two week encampment, the Cremation of Care is just a theatrical play, meant to symbolize the creation of a care-free zone inside the Grove. To me, it is a ritual, but not everyone who watches the ritual understands what they are witnessing. I think it is like people who play with Ouija board – they don’t necessarily understand that they are inviting evil spirits into their lives. That’s just my opinion.

Eric found a Bohemian Club pencil on the ground. Most likely, this came from one of the employees, probably the cooks. Cooks wear the white uniforms and servers (usually females) wear red shirts. Did I mention how young the hired hands are? Teenagers. Why would they take a job at the Bohemian Grove? Many of them have no idea what the Bohemian Club is. They just need money, and the club pays well, we were told. “More than you could pay,” one worker remarked. I think it is important to make the distinction between Bohemian Club employees who work at the Bohemian Grove and the hired-hands who work at the grove during the summer. Many hired-hands were respectful and somewhat engaging. Though there may be some, I did not see any African-American employees or hired-hands this year at the Bohemian Grove. In fact, in the four years I’ve attended the protests here (for one day out the entire year), I did not see any African-American workers. However, that does not mean the Bohemian Club does not or has never hired African-American employees. This is just an observation by someone who shows up at the Bohemian Grove protests for one day each year.

I still would like to know why Sheriff’s deputies are parked in front of the Bohemian Grove every year. I’ll have to reach out to the Sonoma County Sheriff’s office for the answer. I tried to ask one deputy this question, but he told me he would come back and answer my question. He never came back during the time I was there. He seemed like he was in a hurry to get inside the Grove for some reason. Meanwhile, there was another officer posted in his squad car almost the entire time we were protesting. I did not film the deputies this time, but since they did not answer my question this year, next year I will ask the same question on-camera.

We were told Chris Matthews was at the Bohemian Grove on Friday, July 10th, 2015. There was a person riding in the passenger seat of a CRV-type white vehicle who looked like David Rockefeller. I don’t know if it was him, but this person had the same type of nose.

“We’re gonna be out here every single year.” – Sean Ackley

Thank you to everyone who came to the protest and to everyone who wanted to be there. God Bless You.

Peter Alexander Tscherneff interview:

Change Is A Good Thing by Eric Golub (feat. Greg Fernandez Jr. and Dublin Beats)


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