Living Room On The Moon

Purchase Living Room On The Moon by Greg Fernandez Jr. here. A quick trip to the moon and back. Living Room On The Moon is based on a short story I am currently writing about a man who wakes up in his living room on the moon. From his living room he sees the destruction… Continue reading Living Room On The Moon

Get Off The Property – Bohemian Grove 2015

On July 25th, 2015, one day before the Bohemian Grove gathering ended, Manny Trev and I went back to the Bohemian Grove and surrounding areas to observe what was happening outside of Bohemian Grove. The two men in the white truck were driving up and down Bohemian Avenue, which leads to the entrance of Bohemian… Continue reading Get Off The Property – Bohemian Grove 2015

David Crowley’s Interview with Michael W. Dean (2012)

“A lot of people say that Gray State is just fear porn and they’re not going to support it and its fear-mongering and stuff like that. Just because Gray State is scary doesn’t make it fear porn.” – David Crowley (9/15/12) After the release of the Gray State movie trailer, David Crowley was interviewed by… Continue reading David Crowley’s Interview with Michael W. Dean (2012)

Bohemian Grove 2015 Interview with Greg Fernandez Jr

The Rundown Live #512 Greg Fernandez Jr. (Bohemian Grove,Molech,Owls) (7/15/15) On this Wednesday edition of The Rundown Live, Mike Paczesny and Kristan T Harris go over the sponsors, and the site before we are joined by our guest Greg Fernandez Jr, getting into many topics like, Bohemian Grove, Molech vs Owl, Rituals, Elite, setting policy,… Continue reading Bohemian Grove 2015 Interview with Greg Fernandez Jr

Bohemian Grove 2015

Last year, Bohemian Grove employees gave us donuts. A tree branch nearly fell on them for their troubles. This year, we tried to return the favor to the same employees. Sadly, they did not take the donuts. Musical artist Eric Golub joined us this year with his ukulele. Personally, something felt "off" this year. I… Continue reading Bohemian Grove 2015

Close Our Eyes – Bohemian Grove 2015

Manny Trev shares some thoughts and questions about the Bohemian Grove. Resist the Grove on July 11th, 2015 and every year afterwards! Bill Clinton asked about the Bohemian Club. Thomas Kean interviewed by Luke Rudkowski. Lawrence O’Donnell interviewed by Luke Rudkowski. David Gergen interviewed by Alex Jones. Bohemian Kyle drives “Deeper Inside Bohemian Grove 2012”.… Continue reading Close Our Eyes – Bohemian Grove 2015

When Walt Disney Went To The Bohemian Grove

If anyone has any more information about Walt Disney's time at the Bohemian Grove, please let me know.  I was told he stayed at the Mandalay Camp but I haven't found the evidence yet. Thank you all for your interest in what really happens at the Bohemian Grove two-week summer encampment. We will have our… Continue reading When Walt Disney Went To The Bohemian Grove