Justice for David Crowley and Family – Back Slider Unlocked, Slightly Ajar

“Even though you may be killed resisting, the act of resistance on a metaphysical level has value.” – David Crowley (Alex Jones Show, Sept. 2012)

What Happened?

In Apple Valley, Minnesota the bodies of David Crowley, 29, his wife Komel, 28, and their 5 year old daughter Rani were found by a neighbor on Saturday January 17th, 2015. Apple Valley police officers arrived at the Crowley residence at 12:56 p.m.

The House - Ramsdell driveThe neighbor, Collin Prochnow, hadn’t seen the Crowley family in nearly four weeks, since before Christmas. A pile of packages on the front door step prompted the neighbor to investigate. When the neighbor rang the doorbell he heard the dog barking, but no one answered.Front of houseMr. Prochnow then peered through the front window and saw three bodies in the front room.inside 2A black gun was also in view through the window. According to what Prochnow told the Star Tribune, the bodies looked like mannequins, “To me, they just didn’t look human.” A mortician friend of mine told me, “After 3 weeks that body would look and smell pretty nasty, not at all like a mannequin. After 24 hours without refrigeration things go south pretty quick.” However, Prochnow is not the first person to mistake a dead body for a mannequin. Though he didn’t give an exact date or time, in December of 2014, Mr. Prochnow heard a noise that sounded like a gun shot.

brother and dogPaleo, the family dog,  was found alive, but had apparently ripped part of a sectional couch in the living room. The dog will hopefully be released into the custody of a Crowley family member.

Rear of house

When police arrived at the Crowley house an officer peered through the window, “There’s several obviously deceased bodies in the front.”

inside back

According to police dispatch audio one officer was at the back of the house and told dispatch, “Rear slider is unlocked, slightly ajar.”back roomAnother officer states, “We’re gonna make entry as soon as [inaudible] can get here and get this dog.” The back door was “slightly ajar” before officers entered the house.

Apple Valley Police Captain John Bermel  told KAAL, “We will establish a timeline and try to piece together what happened in that house.”

On January 18th, police called the deaths “suspicious,” but were already telling reporters this was a double-murder suicide case. There is a two sentence note allegedly written by David Crowley and it’s possible authorities will use this note as evidence to prove their theory.

Andy Campbell of The Huffington Post claimed, “David Crowley’s social media sites show that he had a fascination with guns. Many of his photos feature pellet guns or military gear.” In my opinion, posing with guns in photographs does not prove Crowley had a fascination with firearms. The Huffington Post article further assumes David Crowley “had begun to act strangely over the past year,” and as evidence Campbell wrote, “Prochnow said he noticed that David recently started wearing fatigues despite having completed his five-year stint in the Army, and cut his hair short last year.”

On January 19th, NY Daily News claimed Crowley had a “passion for war gaming,” almost mirroring what the Huffington Post said about the deceased director.

The Crowleys bought the house in December of 2013. Pat Pheifer of the Star Tribune reported, “Judy Prochnow said another neighbor had commented to her about the curtains at the Crowleys’ home being wide open when, usually, they were closed. But neither the Prochnows nor Alice and Bill Hixson, who live across the street, heard any gunshots or a dog barking, they said.”

David’s father attempted to call his son over the holidays but was unsuccessful. Local actor Charles Hubbell had been trying to reach Crowley for over month. He told KAAL (ABC 6 News) “I was absolutely crushed. This is not the David that I know. This is nowhere near the David I know. He was proud of his service.  He was proud of his expertise.”

From David Crowley’s LinkedIn profile:

“Squad Leader US Army. June 2004 – August 2009 (5 years 3 months)Texas, Germany, Iraq, Afghanistan. As a young enlisted indirect-fire infantryman serving in both armored and light infantry divisions, I served with and then led soldiers around armored vehicles or on foot. We would provide indirect fire support, or serve as a line infantry asset. By 2007 I was a 22-year old sergeant responsible for six soldiers. I supervised their personal, professional, and medical welfare between other responsibilities like cohesive combat vehicle operations, 120mm mortar system deployment and lethal application, essential line infantry combat skills, and personal morale upkeep. Logistically, I was responsible for six lives, two humvees, nearly $1 million worth of military equipment, and the expectation that at any moment we might have to deliver hundreds of pounds of high explosive to within meters of any point in our area of operation. After an involuntary 1.5-year contract extension and subsequent deployment to Kandahar, I found myself the official mail handler for the battalion. As my battalion built new Forward Operating Bases, I coordinated the reception and delivery methods for all incoming mail, managing inflow and outflow to over 1,000 soldiers and their civilian attachments scattered over hundreds of miles of Helmand Province desert, with delivery routes only open through armored column or helicopter. I left the army in 2009 at the age of 24, after seeing 13 countries and serving combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.”

As we wait for the first press release, here are some questions to consider…


  • Who was the last person to see the Crowley family alive and when?
  • How decayed are the bodies?
  • What evidence do authorities have that David Crowley murdered his wife and 5 year old daughter before killing himself? (If that is their theory)
  • Why wasn’t the dog killed?
  • How did the dog survive for weeks?
  • What are the entry and exit wounds?
  • Did David Crowley ever state publicly that he would never kill himself?
  • What was the state of the movie Gray State?

“This is a film you’re gonna want to see because it’s everything that Alex [Jones] says put on screen.” – David Crowley

Last Twitter Post October 29th, 2014

David Crowley – June 30, 2014: “Last weekend’s trip to LA to visit friends and talk shop with producers may just shake the country up, because for the first time I feel like I’m connecting with the people who will take Gray State from amateur to pro. Things are gonna start to move fast now.”

On Alex Jones Sept. 2012

This is not over. This will never be over.

Join the Justice for David Crowley & family group if you’re serious about finding out the truth.


7 thoughts on “Justice for David Crowley and Family – Back Slider Unlocked, Slightly Ajar”

  1. RIP crowley family , you do not threaten the state and that is what this film would of done , watch the doc Engines of domination or we need to talk about sandyhook … Do you see them now ? Look into Gangstalking by the state Hmmm . tc all

  2. Adding to the suspicions about these murders is the fact that his film “Gray State” is now block from the internet due to a copyright claim by Thomas Edward Rice
    So who is Thomas Edward Rice?

    1. I think he is the person who owns the music for the documentary. I believe he is in the documentary as well.

  3. Don’t worry, the truth will come out. We’ve contacted the police to help gives some feedback. This murder looks like an Islamic honor killing which was probably committed from the wife’s Pakistani family.

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