Lie Another Day – Bohemian Grove 2013

Every year, we gather at the front gate of the Bohemian Grove to spread awareness about the Satanic gathering that happens every July in Monte Rio, California. Whereas 2012 was a huge political gathering of various protesters, the 2013 Bohemian Grove felt very spiritual. There are things we can prove about the Grove and there are things we can speculate on. We can prove that every year a human in effigy is sacrificed before a giant 40 foot owl while men in Druid costumes praise the owl for vanquishing “Dull Care.” We speculate that this is more than a performance or a play by and for certain rich elites of the United States. Is the “Cremation of Care” just an innocent theatrical performance by men who pee in the woods for two weeks? We know the members and guests have Lakeside Chats, where U.S. policy is discussed. There are theories by people like John Decamp, who wrote about children being raped and killed at the Bohemian Grove compound. We know that many past United States Presidents have attended the 2 week encampment. We speculate that the 40 foot owl and the alter of sacrifice are meant to represent Molech, and the child sacrifice before the evil entity. We know that the Cremation of Care ritual at the grove is very similar to ancient sacrifices found in the Bible related to Molech and Baal. The choice is yours. We know for a fact that before there was a 40 foot owl at the Bohemian grove, there was a 70 foot Buddha statue in its place.
The big question is, why sacrifice care? The bigger question is, who are they sacrificing care to? The ultimate question is, is the Bohemian Grove summit designed as a Satanic ritual?

Lie Another Day – Bohemian Grove 2013

Greg Fernandez Jr. at Bohemian Grove 2013

Bohemian Grove 2012


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