State Marriage vs. God’s Marriage

There is a difference between marriage sanctioned by the Government and Marriage that God recognizes. The most controversial episode - Gay Marriage, Abortions, The Bible, State-Sponsored "Anything", Separation between Spiritual and Physical views, Politics, 9/11, Mark Dice,, Christianity, Capital Punishment, Murder/Kill, People Not Awake, and my Savior, Jesus Christ. John 13:34-35 - Love One… Continue reading State Marriage vs. God’s Marriage

Lie Another Day – Bohemian Grove 2013

Every year, we gather at the front gate of the Bohemian Grove to spread awareness about the Satanic gathering that happens every July in Monte Rio, California. Whereas 2012 was a huge political gathering of various protesters, the 2013 Bohemian Grove felt very spiritual. There are things we can prove about the Grove and there… Continue reading Lie Another Day – Bohemian Grove 2013

Richard Nagell – JFK Assassination Chapter

This is an audio excerpt from my upcoming book, The False Flag by Greg Fernandez Jr., featuring the story of Richard Nagell - The Man Who Knew Too Much. (Except from "The False Flag" by Greg Fernandez Jr. Coming Soon. Audio message about the man who knew too much about the assassination plans. "The Man… Continue reading Richard Nagell – JFK Assassination Chapter

I Am A Christian

This is a brief Bible Study by Greg Fernandez Jr. from the Book of Matthew 24:3-14. Are we in the last days of this world? I don't think so. I do think we should be ready for the end, and seek the Bible for understanding of the end times, but we should remember that no… Continue reading I Am A Christian

Spread Love by XienHow feat. Greg Fernandez Jr

It's up to us to Spread Love! This song will be featured on my new release P.D.R. (Pop-Dance-Rap) which is a compilation of 3 music genres; told with Truth, Love, and Happiness. What is P.D.R.? A short mini-documentary about some of the process Dublin Beats goes through for mixing the song by Alex Macias, Movin'.… Continue reading Spread Love by XienHow feat. Greg Fernandez Jr